The Legacy begins…Since 1963:
Anchor’s origin is an interesting story of uncanny business acumen of its founders; Damji L. Shah and his younger brother Jadavji L. Shah. In 1963, they launched on an entrepreneurial odyssey with their Midas touch and technical acumen by introducing the first “piano switch”. This eventually metamorphosed the same into a thing of beauty – an object of aesthetics: “the modular switch”, which in the following years, and today, established Anchor as a $500 million brand that stands for quality, innovation, integrity, reliability and pioneering spirit. Today, in addition to new age wiring devices, the group has moved beyond electricals with diversifications in Health Care, Constructions, Leasing, Cricket (IPL), Paints, Pens and various social commitments.
Over 4 decades of Achievements :
The founding family has from very humble beginnings grown Anchor to the electrical Accessories giant it is today. The many achievements in their path have been:
  • Establishing brand Anchor to No.1 position in India.
  • Making Anchor the worlds No.1 Switch Maker with a production of about 53 switches every second.
  • Developed a world class R&D unit with advanced tool room and CAD/CAM facilities.
  • Created 17 factories across Daman, Gujarat, Haridwar, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • South East Asia’s largest installation of fourth generation injection moulding machines (180 in all) and 200 hydraulic moulding machines.
  • Successfully launched Roma, the first modular range with 10Amps AX rating and CE (Conformite Europeene) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification as also ISI and IEC approval.
  • Awarded the ISO:9002 certification for quality control, design and development.
  • Having one of the widest range in The electrical market with over 3000 products in 20 product groups including over 1600 LT electrical products and accessories catering to 70% of the market and enjoying a reputation for quality, reliability, safety and all round value for money.
  • Spread the market to about 10000 dealers and over 300000 retail outlets.
Attracting Global Giants:
Panasonic Electrical Works, Ltd. (PEW)formally known as Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (MEW)acquired Anchor electricals in year 2007 for 500 million USD. This was a landmark Foreign DirectInvestment from Japan into India. PEW own world-famous brand like National & Panasonic. This mutually beneficial venture will further strengthen Anchor to grow into a world famous brand.
Passion Reborn:
After the landmark agreement between Anchor and Panasonic, the founding family is further pursuinggrowth in the 21st century. Anchor Group is foraying into Realty, Writing instruments, Paints, Cricket and into Electricals with fresh designs and technology based on decades on experience and expertise.